Oh, baby!

I’ve ranted about the Curse of the Love Sweater. However, my biggest complaint is that it’s not exactly instant gratification. What can satify that urge? Baby sweaters! They’re not quite instant, but something I’d like to think is a shorter-lived delayed gratification. I turned to Debbie Bliss books. The Baby Cashmerino book caught my eye… well, more specifically, the Cable and Teddybear Jacket.

I decided to make two of these, using the baby cashmerino called for in the pattern (dusty pink and light lilac). They pattern has two sizes 6-12 & 12-18 months. I picked the largest one I could make. Each jacket uses eight balls in total. Here is the yarn supply for the light lilac one:


I started with the back in lilac, but it didn’t look right, so I frogged it. At the same time, I was also working on the sleeves, which was much easier to do. The sleeves are done in seed stitch. I finished one.

I’m almost done with the other sleeve.

Naturally, I got antsy with working on the pink one and started on that, too. Since I only had one pair of size 2 and 3 straight needles, I’ll have to work on the pink one on circs. I’m not frogging this one, even though I made a mistake with one of the cables. Can you spot it? (Hint: It’s dead center.)

Here is the ribbing for the first sleeve of the pink one.

I had to stop since I need to change to my size 3 needles to continue, but those circs are being used on the back. And no, I didn’t tear out the pages from the pattern book. It had creased so much that the binding just let go. No worries, though. It’s actually easier to tote around.


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