Lantern Moon… I’ve seen the light!

For those of you who haven’t see Lantern Moon products, I suggest you march down to your LYS and check them out. If your LYS doesn’t carry it, this might be a good time to fill out those customer comment cards. I stood in awe, drooling over the products as they slowly, but surely began to emerge. The first Lantern Moon product that I was aware of was the rice basket. Very functional looking either with the handles up or the top part pushed down, creating a bowl look. After seeing the backet, live and in-person, my expectations were a little diminished when I checked out the bottom of the basket. It didn’t seem that strong enough. Well, months went by and once again, I was admiring the basket at a LYS when the owner of the shop started talking to me about the basket. I asked her what she thought about the strength of the entire thing. She said that initially, she didn’t think it was that sturdy, but was pleasantly surprised that it holds quite a bit. She added, “I wouldn’t put dumbells in it” but for yarn & lighter things, it she said it held up nicely. I took a chance & got the smaller one in natural. So far, I’m impressed. It’s stronger that I had originally thought. Granted, I haven’t put anything other than yarn, a few WIPs & some needles in it. It’s quite decorative & just a nice basket to have next to your chair as you knit.

Suddenly, Lantern Moon started producing all these different products all of a sudden. I assume it was in the planning stages for quite some time, but the baskets were out there all by its lonesome for the longest time, then boom, palm leaf totes, zig zag totes, needle cases, silk needle sleeves, coil rattan containers, and more products to come! The silk needle cases & sleeves have a padded feel. The cases are pretty big & can hold straights, DPNs & circs. It also has an accessory case. It’s pretty big, though. The sleeves are like cotton candy handles. The fabric is knotted at the bottom for a little flair. You can get the sleeves & cases to match, but be prepared to shell out some bucks (especially for the sleeve). They are very nice, but not my style.

One of the more impressive products is perhaps the handmade knitting needle. I know I am not the only one to drool in private and public over these needles. They make three different sizes in 4 different types of wood in the straight needle format and DPNs in three different types of wood.

I normally like the cool, chic look of the ebony needles, but when the rosewood needles are just a nice with a more classic look. The rosewood needles have a light wood top (different than what is pictured on their web page). The needles have such a nice, smooth finish that I picked up a pair, just for research purposes, of course.

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