Vera Bradley

Normally, I’m the type of girl that doesn’t like to carry a purse. However, sometimes a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do, especially when it comes to hauling around knitting projects. I’m not a huge fan of flowery or tapestry bags. Some are nice, some are downright uuuugly. Nice as some are, they really aren’t my style. If I have to carry around a large bag, I’d prefer one is subtle and one that I can use for multiple purposes.

I’ve seen and heard people rave about Vera Bradley bags. The collection full of flowery quilted purses with matching accessories to boot. Some women use Vera Bradley bags as diaper bags, which I can understand. You can throw most of the bags in the gentle cycle. However, as nice are some of the prints are, they are quite… busy. Not to mention a bit on the pricey side.

So leads me to my little excursion in the hopes to find a small birthday present for a friend of mine earlier this week. As in the past, I had walked by this little boutique many times, never to wander in to browse. This time, I decided to give it a shot, even just to window shop. It’s primarily a baby boutique, although they make personalized cards and sell other little trinkets and gifts. They had a few of the new items to the VB collection in the center table by the entrance. I wandered towards the back wall, which it should be aptly titled the “Vera Bradley wall.” Out of the corner my eye, I noticed a sign tacked onto a basket on the floor “50% off selected items”. Lo and behold, two of the black microfiber bags I had drooled over a while back online were there. I decided not to pass up on such a good deal. I was curious as to why they were marked down. The reason? They were passé (i.e. “last year’s models”). I prefer to think of it as “vintage”. Whatever. I got a good deal on a good bag.

I walked out of the store with a new bag and zip for my friend’s birthday*.

* The shopping gods were smiling on me. I found something for her later that day.

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