Where did the week go?

Oh, wait… it was a shorter work week since Monday was Labor Day. I got a little bit of knitting in this week. I’m finishing up the double-roll storm hat. It’s made of wool and is a double-brim. Not just your typical roll-brim hat, but a double roll brim. I finally finished up the Booga Bag. It’s been felted, blocked, and the handles have been attached. I still need to take a picture and post it.

Today, I was browsing at Michael’s and saw they carried the new Lion Brand ribbon yarn, Incredible. It looked vaguely familiar and I realized that I saw a garter stitch scarf in a boutique a few months back made of a similar ribbon yarn. The difference was that the scarf in the boutique was $60. I’ve only made one other scarf in my life (yes, I learn backwards… I do the easy stuff after I learn the harder stuff), but this is pretty simple… CO 16 sts, work in garter stitch until it measures 72″. So far it’s pretty fun, this is my first experience with novelty yarn & it’s pretty good. The only word of caution is you have to be a little more careful since it can be easy to poke holes in the ribbon. I really liked the colorway of Autumn Leaves and thought it was perfect for a scarf for a friend of mine. She has a booth at the craft fair at the upcoming Scenic Drive and the colors will definitely compliment the theme of the celebration. I should have the scarf finished by the weekend if I work on it off and on.

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