That’s Incredible!

While a lot of knitters out there are self-proclaimed yarn snobs (myself included), many allow a select few yarns to slip through. I think many may agree that some of the Lion Brand yarns passes the muster. Although I’m not a huge fan of novelty yarns, I find myself drawn to Lion Brand’s newest yarn, Incredible, which Michael’s carries now. Mind you, it was not the fact that it was a ribbon yarn that attracted me. Quite frankly, the fact that it was ribbon yarn turned me away from it. I had no desire to knit up something with ribbon yarn… until I saw Autumn Leaves. For those of you who clicked on the link I provided, Lion Brand’s website does not do the true color any justice. I must not be the only person to like this color since it seems to be the one that sells out quickly. It’s difficult to find, given only a small width of shelf space is alloted for it and only a few balls of each color is present.

I decided to make a scarf for a friend of mine. I wasn’t sure if I would like how it would turn out so in a temporary lapse of thinking, I bought a ball of it thinking I could come back a few days later to get another one. I went back a few days later & no more autumn leaves. There were quite a few left when I was there originally. Suddenly. Gone. No stock at two other Michael’s I happened to visit over the weekend either. I can certainly understand the attraction. It’s slowly turning into fall and the colors are just perfect for the season. I had resigned to the fact that I will not be able to get hold of another autumn leaves until who-knows-when they’ll receive another shipment when I was back at Michael’s today only to find two balls calling my name. I snatched them up quickly & went straight for the cashier. Plus, I also had the 50% coupon from my weekly paper.

This leads up to where I currently am on the scarf. If you notice the WIP progress bars on the right… those are on hold. I need to add another 1-2 more items to it updated. The scarf is quick, so I’m just working on that for now. It will be done by tomorrow if all goes well. It’s slippery, so I used size 13 bamboo needles. I’ve been knitting for a while now, but I have to admit, this is my first scarf. I got the pattern from Lion Brand’s website.

Here is a close-up of the ribbon yarn.

Here is an extreme close-up of the garter stitch scarf.

The scarf is supposed to have a length of 72″. Currently, it’s a little over 40″. The pattern calls for fringe, but fringe makes me cringe. No fringe. Although it’s fun to make. I think the colors will really come through when worn with a black shirt.

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