Bottoms Up Bucket Hat

I finally finished the felted bucket hat from ChicKnits. I used one skein of brown (#7822) Cascade 220 (thank you, Purl for your Cascade 220 sale).

Here is the pre-felted hat:

bucket hat - before

For this felting cycle, it wound up in the heavy duty cycle for a total of 25 minutes to get it to the size I needed. Here is the finished product:

bucket hat - before

Bonne Marie Burns said that she blocks her hat on a 32oz coffee can with a terry dish towel wrapped around it. I ran out of coffee recently. I haven’t had time to run out to Costco for the 32oz can & I wasn’t about to fish the empty can out of the garbage! I looked around my kitch for anything that was close to it in size. I found a Pyrex dish that was the right width, but not the right height. But then I spied my ice cream maker… the freezer bowl was the perfect size (width AND height). I wrapped the freezer bowl in a plastic bag & pulled the hat over it. If you look carefully at the second picture, you can see the metal rim of the inverted freezer bowl sticking out from bottom of the hat. It came out better than I thought, felting thicker than I had expected. It’s the perfect autumn hat.

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