Karen Neuburger Pajama Party and Yarn, Yarn, Yarn

This first part is non-knitting related, but I thought I would share it. A friend of mine forwarded information about the Tide / Karen Neuburger Pajama Party. It offered free Karen Neuburger pajamas (with the Tide logo on it) for pre-registering, so I was all over it. The “party” supports the fight against breast cancer, so it’s also for a good cause.

The party was held on the observation deck of the Hancock Tower in Chicago. It started at 11am, my friends & I were fashionably late (about 15 minutes). We could not believe the line just to get on the elevator to the observation deck! Give away free stuff and word travels fast! We waited in line for about 10-15 minutes. We got our free pajamas & they are soft. We were bummed that we didn’t get the Tide socks. It turns out you had to ask for it.

Once we reached the 94th floor to the observation deck, Karen Neuburger was speaking to the attendees. They had some refreshments, ice cream & Garrett’s popcorn (a Chicago favorite). They offered free manicures, makeup, hair styling, and massages. The lines were long for the manicures and massages. My friends & I were after the 5 minute massages. We weren’t leaving without one. Karen Neuburger was signing her pajamas, but we were interested in the massage. We waited 45 minutes in line for it (there wasn’t much more otherwise). We got our mini-massages and felt good as we headed back to the lobby. We were bummed that we didn’t get any free Tide samples. However, we were thankful we got pajamas, since apparently they ran out. As we were walking out, they were giving away their new Tide with Downy samples. In addition, one of the girls asked if we had gotten out goody bag. We didn’t, so she handed us these bags we had seen people carrying around as we waited in the massage line (we assumed they gave those in place of the PJs they ran out of).


My little excursion/diversion at the Hancock building yielded the following (as pictured above): a pair of KN pajamas (covered with the Tode logo, but really soft), KN White Tea Verbena bubble bath, a pair of KN lounge socks (again with the Tide logo), a pink KN cosmetics case (with inside pockets), KN popcorn (goes with the pajama party theme), KN pedicure set, and a sample of Tide with Downy.

Afterwards, I headed over to my LYS to pick up an item that had to be special ordered to complete the gift for one of my secret pals. They had some Jo Sharp yarn for 50%-off, which I happily added to my stash. This particular LYS will no longer carry Jo Sharp since she changed distributors, which is a bummer, but I can find other resources for my Jo Sharp yarn fix. Then I headed over to Barnes & Noble and picked up the holiday issue of Vogue Knitting.

When I got home, I had two packages waiting for me. The first package was from Webs that contained one an additional skein of Lamb’s Pride Bulky that I had ordered for the sweater I am working on and a 16″/40cm size 10US/6mm Addi Turbo needed for the collar of that sweater.

The second package was my order from Joann. Kroy isn’t available at my LYS or craft store, so I couldn’t resist the sale on Patons Kroy. I’ve had the Patons Winter Warmth book for so long. I bought enough yarn to make the Cable Set scarf. I held back on buying yarn for the socks since I haven’t attempted socks… yet.

What a day… freebies and yarn!

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