Quiz: What Kind of Knitter Are You?

What Kind of Knitter Are You?
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Knitting Purist

You appear to be a Knitting Purist.
You are an accomplished knitter producing beautiful
pieces with a classic feel. You sometimes lament losing half of your local yarn shop to garish novelty yarns. Perhaps you consider fun fur scarves the bane of knitting society and prefer to steer new knitters towards the wool and cotton blends. Some might call you a bit of an elitist but you know that you’ve been doing this craft long enough to respect the history behind it and honor it with beautiful piece that can last a lifetime.


Not quite…

turbo chargedYou are “turbo” charged. Fast moving and classy, you get things done with power and grace. Your expensive tastes can be deceiving, since what you really value is quality and efficiency. As you’re careening around those corners in life, finishing a dozen knitted objects each month, stop and smell the roses. Don’t miss the beauty of process!

Hmmm… More like starting a dozen knitted objects each month (see items to the right)!

So… What kind of knitting needles are you?
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Today I feel a little different, so I took the quiz.

What kind of knitting needles are you?
brought to you by Quizilla


You are interchangeable. Fun, free, and into everything, you’ve got every eventuality covered and every opportunity just has to be taken. Every fiber is wonderful, and every day is a new beginning. You are good at so many things, it’s amazing, but you can easily lose your place and forget to show up. They have row counters for people like you!

Awwwee… it’s making me blush!

Quiz: Are you a knitter?

Are you a knitter?
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Granny knitter
“You may not be a granny, but you’ve got the mentality.
Hard work and artistic vision lead to your beautiful knitted results.”

For not being a “granny”, they sure supplied me with a granny picture. Is that old lady knitting in front of a cave??? That was my result, what’s yours?

Quiz: What kind of knitting needles are you?

What kind of knitting needles are you?
brought to you by Quizilla


“You are plastic.
Futuristic, milky, and silky, you are willing to go where no crafter has gone before. You can do just about anything, with strength agility, and pretty colors to boot! While you are good at slipping and sliding out of sticky situations, remember to stay where and when you are needed. Don’t overdo it on star gazing when there’s earthbound knitting to be done!”
Apparently, today I am plastic. We’ll see what kind of knitting needles I am next time!