FO : Opera Scarf

Misti Alpaca Chunky Opera Scarf

Pattern : Blue Sky Alpacas Opera Scarf
Needle : KnitPicks Harmony US 13 (8.0 mm)
Yarn : Misti Alpaca Chunky
Color : Roast Chestnut (3729)
Notes : Fast and easy to knit. I bought the yarn Monday evening and cast on and had it finished by Friday evening. Here is a close-up of the stitch detail:

Close up of Opera Scarf

I tried it on with a black jacket and it looked nice. It’s warm and soft. It doesn’t feel itchy at all. I was pleasantly surprised with the yarn. I will definitely be buying more of it!


Autumn Leaves Scarf

I finally finished the Autumn Leaves scarf I was making for a friend of mine.

It took a total of 2 balls of Lion Brand Incredible in Autumn Leaves. The pattern was simple, using a size 13US needle. The final length is 70″. I opted for no fringe and am quite happy with the way it turned out. The picture still doesn’t do the colorway justice. Other than completing that, I’m picking up the Classic Wavy Cable sweater. It moves surprisingly fast now that I’ve gotten the hang of the 8-row pattern repeat. I was getting too meticulous on keep track of the number of rows I was making. It’s pretty easy to pick out the rows & the back is slightly different than the front where you just have to match the length. I decided to drop the counter & just knit away.

That’s Incredible!

While a lot of knitters out there are self-proclaimed yarn snobs (myself included), many allow a select few yarns to slip through. I think many may agree that some of the Lion Brand yarns passes the muster. Although I’m not a huge fan of novelty yarns, I find myself drawn to Lion Brand’s newest yarn, Incredible, which Michael’s carries now. Mind you, it was not the fact that it was a ribbon yarn that attracted me. Quite frankly, the fact that it was ribbon yarn turned me away from it. I had no desire to knit up something with ribbon yarn… until I saw Autumn Leaves. For those of you who clicked on the link I provided, Lion Brand’s website does not do the true color any justice. I must not be the only person to like this color since it seems to be the one that sells out quickly. It’s difficult to find, given only a small width of shelf space is alloted for it and only a few balls of each color is present.

I decided to make a scarf for a friend of mine. I wasn’t sure if I would like how it would turn out so in a temporary lapse of thinking, I bought a ball of it thinking I could come back a few days later to get another one. I went back a few days later & no more autumn leaves. There were quite a few left when I was there originally. Suddenly. Gone. No stock at two other Michael’s I happened to visit over the weekend either. I can certainly understand the attraction. It’s slowly turning into fall and the colors are just perfect for the season. I had resigned to the fact that I will not be able to get hold of another autumn leaves until who-knows-when they’ll receive another shipment when I was back at Michael’s today only to find two balls calling my name. I snatched them up quickly & went straight for the cashier. Plus, I also had the 50% coupon from my weekly paper.

This leads up to where I currently am on the scarf. If you notice the WIP progress bars on the right… those are on hold. I need to add another 1-2 more items to it updated. The scarf is quick, so I’m just working on that for now. It will be done by tomorrow if all goes well. It’s slippery, so I used size 13 bamboo needles. I’ve been knitting for a while now, but I have to admit, this is my first scarf. I got the pattern from Lion Brand’s website.

Here is a close-up of the ribbon yarn.

Here is an extreme close-up of the garter stitch scarf.

The scarf is supposed to have a length of 72″. Currently, it’s a little over 40″. The pattern calls for fringe, but fringe makes me cringe. No fringe. Although it’s fun to make. I think the colors will really come through when worn with a black shirt.