I swear I’ve been knitting

I haven’t been knitting a lot, but I have been knitting (despite playing around on Ravelry). For a while there, I was knitting Blaze. I’m still knitting it, but it’s not quite the portable project. The pattern is fairly simple, even though it looks complicated. If you’re comfortable with cables, this project is a breeze.

WIP - Knitty - Blaze

I was kind of worried at one point when I saw how bright this green color was in sunlight. Like, blindingly pea green. Indoors, the color isn’t so bad. I still like the pattern and Cascade Indulgence is so warm.

I’m staying with the green theme this summer. I’m not a huge fan of bright green, but I love the yarn from the last Yarntini sock club package.

Penllyn Socks

I think the Penllyn sock pattern from Wildhorse Farm Designs shows off the colors nicely and yet you can still see the pattern. A male coworker referred to them as “alien socks”. I have a feeling it was more of a comeback to what I just said to him: “[Female coworker I hang out with] went home early, so you’ll have to be my girlfriend for the rest of today. OK? Thanks!”