Stitches Midwest 2004

I had my first taste of Stitches on the very last day. I knew I wouldn’t have much self-control in the Market, so I limited myself to one day. I’m glad it was Sunday so there was no way I could go back any following days. The fact that it was a little bit of a drive for me also helped with the temptation. However, I’ve heard that due to it’s popularity, it’s going to be moved to the Rosemont Convention Center next year. Not good news for me since it will be a lot closer to me.

After much self-debate whether or not I should attend the Market only or take a class, I broke down and signed up for one class. It really says something that I would sign up for an 8AM Sunday morning class. I signed up for Cable Needle Freedom. Practicing on my own, I was already somewhat heading towards that (motivated by constantly misplacing my cable needles), but I felt I needed the extra push, not to mention wanting to check out what the Stitches classes are all about.

The class was taught by Carole Wulster of Knitting Software, Inc. We had a few nice surprises in the class. All the students received Carole’s just published book, Cable Needle Freedom, compliments of Montat Publishing. It’s a very informative book if you need some help making cables without a cable needle. The pictures and illustrations are clear. The text not only explains the process, but also helps explain how to visualize cables so that you can eventually follow a cable pattern without having to check your chart. For those of us who are very dependent on looking at the chart, it gives the extra confidence to go without. In addition to the workbook part, the patterns for the items pictured on the cover are also included. The yarns used for the two sweaters and hat were from Black Water Abbey Yarns, who had a vendor booth at Stitches. Marilyn, from BWA was also in the class. After our mid-class coffee break, Marilyn brought up the wine cardigan that is featured in the book. She also brought in balls of yarn for all us students to take home. Both Carole and Marilyn were very nice. Carole didn’t know that Marilyn was going to be in the class & Marilyn didn’t know that the book was going to be handed out, but I’m glad that it worked out well. I had a question about a cable requiring two cable needles (one held at the front, the other at the back) that I had wanted to do without any cable needles, so she spent extra time after the class walking me through it. Carole is a very enthusiastic instructor and you can tell she genuinely enjoys teaching.

Since that was the only class I was taking, I was off to the Market. I walked into the Pheasant Run MegaCenter & was impressed at the number of vendors and the merchandise they had brought. Before the event, I had checked out the floor plan and the vendors, but actually seeing it in person didn’t do the floor plan justice. I walked up and down the aisles checking out the booths. I tried as much as I could to restrain myself from buying too much. I vowed not to go out to the car to put away my loot until I was finished. I figured that if I had too much to carry, I would prevent me from buying more. It helped a little, but I can consolidate bags and carry more that I had thought. I would up buying a few kits, but mostly little accessories & tools that you don’t see in all the LYS or online that much.

I was looking for a mug with a nice knitting theme. I picked this one up from the Fiberworks (Dayton, OH) booth:

mug from Fiberworks (Dayton, OH) mug from Fiberworks (Dayton, OH)
I also got these stitch markers from The Elegant Ewe (Concord, NH) booth:

stitch markers from The Elegant Ewe (Concord, NH) stitch markers from The Elegant Ewe (Concord, NH)
They’re a little dark because I reduced the flash intensity to minimize the reflection.Overall, my first experience at Stitches was very good. I’m looking forward to next year.


Reeling from Stitches Midwest

I went to Stitches Midwest Sunday. It was my first time & it was quite an experience (good). As expected, I bought more than I thought I should. I’m still reeling from everything, so I’ll post more when I have time.