Marisol Peru

I was over at Loopy Yarns today and picked up some new yarn. Mirasol Peru benefits children and their families in the highlands of Peru. The minute I picked up some Marisol Sulka, I had to have some.

Marisol Peru - Sulka - Cocoa

It’s a chunky weight yarn that is 60% merino wool, 20% alpaca, 20% silk. Can you say soft?

There was also some Marisol Hacho which is a 100% merino wool (DK weight) yarn. I think they will make a pair of quick knit socks.

Marisol Peru - Hacho - 308

I also recieved my latest STR shipment (finally… mail is slow in my area). This is Flower Power. I like it!


Socks That Rock - Flower Power

I also received my first package of the Lucky Lurker club from A Swell Yarn Shop, but I forgot to include it in my photoshoot tonight. I had many skeins lined up as I am still updating Ravelry.

As I mentioned, mail is slow in my area. I’m supposed to recieve my package from Fearless Fiber’s Seven Deadly Sins Sock Yarn Club. It was sent and I checked the tracking information online. It said the post office attempted to deliver my package this past Saturday, but no one was home, so they will either redeliver or I have to go pick it up. First of all, attempted… LIES! I was home. I was home all day Saturday playing with Ravelry. I heard the mail carrier. I checked the mail. No package. Nothing. Nada. Zip. I called today to find out if I could pick up my package. They asked if I had the little slip. Um… no. I didn’t find anything in my mail or stuck to the door. I was told that they can reschedule them to redeliver the package. I said I could pick it up at the post office, but I wanted to make sure it was not in transit to be redelivered. I was told on the phone, if the tracking info said it had to be rescheduled, then it was there at the post office. Guess what? It wasn’t (or the employee didn’t want to go searching for it any longer than necessary). I was told to call the number to have them track the package in the morning. So is it out for delivery or not? No, but I suspect that they didn’t want to dig around since it was after 5pm, there was a long line behind me, a shortage of employees working, and the air-conditioning wasn’t working. I love getting the runaround. I know I should have stayed and made a bigger stink, but I was ready to get the hell outta there since the air-conditioning wasn’t working. I just want my yarn!

As for my green Blaze, it’s going to the frog pond. I’m not all there with the color to spend all that time knitting it and then wear it once or twice isn’t worth it. One project out of the way. Now to pick another.

Since I am finally up and running with the whole blog and photo thing, I wanted to post about the first blog contest where I won something over at Moon Tea. I was one of the lucky people who guessed her age (she’s a young’un). She let the winners pick from a list of things. I picked two skeins of KnitPicks Gloss in Dusk.

When I received my package, I discovered she also snuck in a Bath & Body Works product, as well! Thank you!