Yarntini Sock Club : Mint Mojitos, anyone?

Today, I received my 2nd package from the pure knits Yarntini Sock Club. Once again, it did not disappoint.

Yarntini Sock Club - 2nd installment

Wrapped in lovely brown and pink tissue paper:

  • Yarntini hand-dyed yarn in Mint Mojito
  • set of Pony Needles Rosewood DPNs (US1/2.25mm)
  • Pure Cricosaura sock pattern
  • Mint Mojito drink recipe
  • Mint Mojito flavored Yarntini lip gloss

It’s taken a lot of restraint for me to not wind this yarn and begin knitting. I have a few WIPs (what else is new) and I also received an order from Elann (which I will save for another day of blogging). I’ve never seen Pony DPNs in rosewood. I’ve seen their single point needles, but not the DPNs. According to the website, it’s “new”. They feel very smooth and fairly strong. I may need to give this set a try soon!

Did I happen to mention that I am thrilled to have joined this club?