FO : Koolhaas Hat

Yes, I am on a knitting roll…

Koolhaas Hat in Karabella Aurora 8 - Rust

Pattern : Koolhaas Hat by Jared Flood
Needles : KnitPicks Options US 5 (3.75 mm) & US 7 (4.5 mm)
Yarn : 2 balls of Karabella Aurora 8
Color : Rust (16)
Size : Large (men’s)
Modifications : None, I followed the pattern exactly.
Notes : I started with size 6/8 needles and it was a little bit larger than the recommended gauge. I went down a size to 5 & 7 since I read that this yarn expands after washing. I used the Magic Loop with my KnitPicks Options and this pattern went fast. It looks complicated, but really it isn’t. If you can ktbl and do basic cables, you can make this hat.

Here is a close-up of the stitch detail:

Close up of Koolhaas Hat in Karabella Aurora 8 - Rust

I picked this color to match the Opera Scarf I just finished. I made the small size (women’s) and when I tried it on, it was about an inch above my ears. I like my hats to cover my ears. I ripped back a few rows and added another pattern repeat (5 in total). I want to make another one of these hats, but I have a few more projects I’d like to tackle before doing this again.


FO : Opera Scarf

Misti Alpaca Chunky Opera Scarf

Pattern : Blue Sky Alpacas Opera Scarf
Needle : KnitPicks Harmony US 13 (8.0 mm)
Yarn : Misti Alpaca Chunky
Color : Roast Chestnut (3729)
Notes : Fast and easy to knit. I bought the yarn Monday evening and cast on and had it finished by Friday evening. Here is a close-up of the stitch detail:

Close up of Opera Scarf

I tried it on with a black jacket and it looked nice. It’s warm and soft. It doesn’t feel itchy at all. I was pleasantly surprised with the yarn. I will definitely be buying more of it!

A New Year and a FO

Happy (belated) New Year to everyone. I know it’s been a while since anyone has heard from me in blogland. Never fear, even though other things have managed to take up some time, I still have been knitting (ask anyone in my knitting group). If I were really good, I’d say “My New Year’s resolution is to go on a yarn diet, knit from my stash and blog more.” However, I am realistic and will make attempts to go on a yarn diet, knit from my stash and blog more. I’d rather live vicariously through others who have vowed to knit from their stash.

Since my last blog post (can’t believe the time has flown by), I have enhanced my stash, finished some projects, and joined Ravelry.

One such project finished is the Yarn Harlot’s Unoriginal Hat.

Thraven Unoriginal Ha

Pattern : Unoriginal Hat
Needle : KnitPicks Harmony US 11 (8.0 mm)
Yarn : Blue Moon Fiber Arts Leticia in Thraven
Notes : If you want a quick knit, this is it. This hat took me one evening to complete. The followed the written pattern and made no changes. I used the Magic Loop to do this. Casting on, I worked the first round flat, then joined in the round. I usually like the the look of the cast on row that way. It didn’t work too well for this version. The brim flared more than I liked. Next time, I’ll cast on and join right away.

Bottoms Up Bucket Hat

I finally finished the felted bucket hat from ChicKnits. I used one skein of brown (#7822) Cascade 220 (thank you, Purl for your Cascade 220 sale).

Here is the pre-felted hat:

bucket hat - before

For this felting cycle, it wound up in the heavy duty cycle for a total of 25 minutes to get it to the size I needed. Here is the finished product:

bucket hat - before

Bonne Marie Burns said that she blocks her hat on a 32oz coffee can with a terry dish towel wrapped around it. I ran out of coffee recently. I haven’t had time to run out to Costco for the 32oz can & I wasn’t about to fish the empty can out of the garbage! I looked around my kitch for anything that was close to it in size. I found a Pyrex dish that was the right width, but not the right height. But then I spied my ice cream maker… the freezer bowl was the perfect size (width AND height). I wrapped the freezer bowl in a plastic bag & pulled the hat over it. If you look carefully at the second picture, you can see the metal rim of the inverted freezer bowl sticking out from bottom of the hat. It came out better than I thought, felting thicker than I had expected. It’s the perfect autumn hat.

Autumn Leaves Scarf

I finally finished the Autumn Leaves scarf I was making for a friend of mine.

It took a total of 2 balls of Lion Brand Incredible in Autumn Leaves. The pattern was simple, using a size 13US needle. The final length is 70″. I opted for no fringe and am quite happy with the way it turned out. The picture still doesn’t do the colorway justice. Other than completing that, I’m picking up the Classic Wavy Cable sweater. It moves surprisingly fast now that I’ve gotten the hang of the 8-row pattern repeat. I was getting too meticulous on keep track of the number of rows I was making. It’s pretty easy to pick out the rows & the back is slightly different than the front where you just have to match the length. I decided to drop the counter & just knit away.

FO: Booga Bag

After working on it off-and-on since the end of August, I finally finished my Booga Bag. It was my first felted bag and understand the fun of felting. It was a lot smaller than I had expected (I know left it in a little too long), but it was about the size that was mentioned on the pattern page. I made it out of Noro Kureyon (color 148). I liked the deep earthtones of the colorway. I didn’t like the light purple stripe across the body, but I liked the fact that it was the light purple stripe I wound up binding off on.

I followed the pattern to a tee. I used 3 skeins of Kureyon on US 10 1/2 circulars (insert shameless plug for Denise needles here). After reading about the trials and tribulations of those before me on the Knitty boards, I was extra careful about knitting up with this yarn since I read that it was very prone to breaking. It was my first time using a yarn that varied in thickness throughout the skein. At times it was a nice, thick yarn only to suddenly become thin. I’m happy to say that I didn’t break any yarn on the body of the bag. However, my lucky streak didn’t extend to the i-cord handle. Luckily, it broke only after the first couple of rows (about 10-15 sts into it). Once I finished the i-cord (6+ ft. long), I was ready to felt!

I threw the bag and i-cord into an old pillowcase. I didn’t want to use my current zippered pillow cover since they were currently in use by my pillows & didn’t want to worry about the reds bleeding into the white. I just knotted the old pillowcase & threw it the washer. I set the washer to a small load with HOT water in the heavy-duty agitation cycle. I put in a teaspoon of Eucalan and 3 pairs of old jeans. I checked on it every 10 minutes and wound up putting it through 5 10-minute cycles. I probably could have done it in 3-4, but I was having fun. Despite the lavender-scented fabric wash, it couldn’t mask the smell of wet wool! However, during my last check on the felting process, I didn’t re-knot the pillowcase as tight, so it came undone. Everything was OK, except I had little bluish pills from the fraying of my old jeans that stuck to it during the agitation. Pulled them off by hand & it was fine.

My next step was to block it. I looked around the house for something that was close to the shape of the bag. I didn’t have to farther than my kitchen. The Ziploc Freezer economy pack box (extra-big since it was from Costco) was almost the same size as the bag. I wrapped the box in a grocery bag to keep the moisture fom warping the box. It was dry within 24 hours & I attached the i-cord handles.

Booga Bag (Noro Kureyon - 148)

The picture is a little blurry since I resized it & it lost some of its resolution. Really, it came out pretty cute. My boyfriend was even very impressed that I made it (“You knitted this?!?!”). I had to explain the concept of felting.

Today, it used it for the first time. I was paying at a checkout, pulled my wallet out of my new Booga Bag when the cashier asked “Where did you buy that bag?” Needless to day, I pretty proud to say “I made it.” She was interested when I told her the pattern was available online. She wrote it down carefully, even asking me to spell it out.

I still have some leftover yarn

Noro Kureyon (color 148)

Maybe I’ll make a small coin purse to match!